Neha Bhasin Reveals How Intermittent Fasting Helped in Weight Loss Journey

Neha Bhasin Reveals How Intermittent Fasting Helped in Weight Loss Journey: Popular playback singer Neha Bhasin opens up about her remarkable weight loss journey and the role of intermittent fasting in achieving her goals. In an interview, Neha shares her dedication to fitness, her experience in the dancing world, and how a combination of dance and strict intermittent fasting helped her shed a few kilos. Discover the secrets behind Neha’s transformation and her insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Neha Bhasin opens up about her remarkable transformation through weight loss

Neha Bhasin Reveals How Intermittent Fasting Of 17-18 Hours And More Helped In Weight Loss Journey

Neha Bhasin, the popular playback singer, recently shared her inspiring journey of achieving significant weight loss. In a candid interview with the Hindustan Times, Neha revealed that she has always been dedicated to fitness. However, it was her foray into the world of dance and practicing intermittent fasting that helped her shed those extra kilos. Neha explained that during the preparation for the video of her upcoming song, she engaged in intense dancing sessions for 4-5 hours while following a strict intermittent fasting schedule. Although she maintains a regular workout routine, it was the combination of dancing and fasting that provided the extra push for her inch loss. Neha’s commitment to her fitness journey is truly commendable.

Dancing emerges as the ultimate cardio workout for Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin, the renowned singer, believes that dancing is the ultimate cardio workout for her. While discussing her weight loss journey, Neha highlighted that, contrary to drastic changes on the weighing scale, the physical transformation due to fat loss is noticeable. Whenever she immerses herself in dancing, Neha witnesses a significant transformation in her overall physique. Dancing not only helps her shed weight but also keeps her in the best shape possible. Neha’s revelation reaffirms the powerful impact of dance on fitness and well-being.

Neha Bhasin adopts an effective fasting routine to support her weight loss goals

Neha Bhasin’s weight loss journey is further enhanced by her disciplined fasting routine. She disclosed that she follows a gluten and dairy-free diet, primarily consisting of homemade healthy foods, along with limited sugar intake. Additionally, she practices intermittent fasting for approximately 17-18 hours, allowing her body to experience periods of fasting and consuming small, nutritious meals during the day. While she doesn’t adhere to this fasting practice regularly, Neha prefers not to eat anything after sunset. Her dedication to maintaining a balanced and nourishing diet, combined with intermittent fasting, has played a significant role in her successful weight loss journey.

Neha Bhasin faces online criticism for expressing herself through dance

Neha Bhasin, known for her incredible talent and mesmerizing performances, has unfortunately experienced the negative side of social media. The singer faced severe backlash and trolling from netizens when she shared a video of herself dancing in a bold bikini attire. Despite looking stunning in a blue and white striped swimsuit, some individuals resorted to age-shaming and posted mean comments. While Neha’s bold and expressive dance moves are a testament to her artistry, it is disheartening to witness the negativity that can arise from online platforms. It is essential to promote a culture of respect and appreciation for artists who showcase their creativity and passion.

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