Maxtern Exposes Anurag Dobhal’s Supercar Lies: The Truth Behind Renting from Dubai

Maxtern Exposes Anurag Dobhal’s Supercar Lies: Discover the shocking truth behind India’s popular YouTuber, Anurag Dobhal, and his claims of owning expensive supercars. In a recent podcast, Maxtern reveals that Anurag actually rents these cars from Dubai, debunking the illusion of ownership. Uncover the details of this revelation and the controversy surrounding Anurag’s claims.

Maxtern’s Revelation: An Exposé on Anurag Dobhal’s Supercar Claims

Maxtern Exposed That Anurag Dobhal Lies About Buying Supercars,  He Actually Rents Them From Dubai

Recently, in a podcast with Tellychakhar, popular influencer Maxtern shed light on some intriguing revelations about Anurag Dobhal. Maxtern, known for his entertaining reaction videos on YouTube and Instagram, alleged that Anurag Dobhal has been dishonest with his fans when it comes to his expensive supercars.

According to Maxtern, Anurag Dobhal’s claims of owning extravagant supercars, which he showcases in his videos, may not be entirely true. Maxtern explained that while Anurag may have substantial wealth, it is not possible to purchase cars from Dubai, as another YouTuber, UK Rider 07, claims to do. In Dubai, there is a regulation that allows individuals to have a supercar for only six months through a carnet, which essentially acts as a vehicle passport. After the six-month period, the authorities take back the vehicle. Maxtern pointed out that Anurag Dobhal informed his audience that his supercar, the Supra, was undergoing servicing after six months, when in reality, he had to return it due to the carnet system. This system essentially functions like renting on a half-yearly basis. Maxtern also speculated that Anurag’s newly acquired McLaren supercar might face a similar fate and be returned after six months.

These revelations by Maxtern have sparked a debate among Anurag Dobhal’s followers, raising questions about the authenticity of his supercar claims. It remains to be seen how Anurag responds to these allegations and addresses the concerns of his audience.

Anurag Dobhal’s Controversial Claim: Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration Invite

In a previous incident, Anurag Dobhal found himself in hot water after making a controversial claim about being invited to the Ayodhya Ram Mandir inauguration. In one of his videos, Anurag shared his belief that he was the only influencer personally invited by the authorities to attend the historic event. However, this claim was later debunked by fellow YouTuber Elvish Yadav.

Elvish Yadav clarified that no influencer, regardless of their popularity, was officially invited to the Ayodhya Ram Mandir inauguration. He revealed that attending the event was a personal decision made by individuals and not a result of an exclusive invitation. This revelation contradicted Anurag’s assertion, raising doubts about the authenticity of his claim and prompting scrutiny from his followers.

It is essential to clarify misinformation and provide accurate information to the public, especially when it comes to significant events like the Ayodhya Ram Mandir inauguration. Anurag Dobhal’s claim serves as a reminder to critically evaluate information shared by influencers and seek reliable sources to verify such claims.

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