Aishwarya Sharma Finally Reacts to Her Ongoing Pregnancy Rumours: Debunking Speculations and Setting the Record Straight

Aishwarya Sharma Finally Reacts to Her Ongoing Pregnancy Rumours: In this candid response, Aishwarya Sharma addresses the ongoing speculations surrounding her pregnancy. Taking to her Instagram handle, she debunks the rumours and sets the record straight, expressing her frustration at constantly having to clarify the situation. Aishwarya emphasizes that she is not pregnant and shares the real reason behind her recent health scare. Discover the truth behind the headlines and get the latest update from the television industry’s beloved couple.

Aishwarya Sharma debunks the rumors about her pregnancy

Aishwarya Sharma FINALLY Reacts To Her Ongoing Pregnancy Rumours, Pens, 'I Passed Out On Set'

Aishwarya Sharma, the popular television actress, has recently come forward to put an end to the ongoing speculations about her pregnancy. In a heartfelt note shared on her Instagram handle, she expressed her frustration at having to constantly clarify the rumors surrounding her personal life. Aishwarya emphasized that she is not pregnant and urged her followers to refrain from spreading false information. She also revealed that she has been dealing with health issues, such as low blood pressure, which have caused her to faint on set. Aishwarya’s candid response has put all the pregnancy rumors to rest.

Aishwarya Sharma’s publicist, Pratik Maheshwari debunks rumors about the diva’s pregnancy

Aishwarya Sharma’s publicist, Pratik Maheshwari, has stepped forward to address the rumors circulating about the actress’s pregnancy. He categorically stated that there is no truth to these speculations and clarified that Aishwarya’s fainting incident on set was due to low blood pressure during the Holi event shoot for Colors. Pratik further reassured everyone that Aishwarya is in good health now. He firmly dismissed the claims of her pregnancy, emphasizing that they are baseless and hold no credibility. Pratik’s statement adds clarity to the situation and brings an end to the unwarranted pregnancy rumors surrounding Aishwarya Sharma.

When an insider confirmed Aishwarya Sharma’s pregnancy

There have been reports suggesting that Aishwarya Sharma, along with her husband Neil Bhatt, is expecting their first child. An insider had previously hinted at the couple’s joyous news, expressing that they are thrilled to start their own family. However, it is essential to note that Aishwarya and Neil have not made any public announcement regarding their pregnancy. They are waiting for the right moment to share their happiness with the world. Until then, it is best to respect their privacy and await an official confirmation from the couple themselves. As fans, let us support Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt during this exciting time in their lives.

When Aishwarya Sharma slammed her pregnancy reports earlier

Aishwarya Sharma has been facing persistent pregnancy rumors for quite some time now. However, she has been quick to shut down these baseless speculations. Taking to her Instagram stories, Aishwarya expressed her frustration with the media for spreading false information about her and her husband’s plans to have children. She clarified that they are currently focused on their respective careers and not planning for a baby at the moment. Aishwarya’s bold response showcases her determination to set the record straight and emphasizes the importance of respecting celebrities’ personal lives.

Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma’s wedding

The wedding of Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma was a dreamy affair that captured the hearts of their fans. The couple tied the knot in a beautiful traditional Rajasthani wedding ceremony held in Ujjain on November 30, 2021. Aishwarya looked stunning in a red bandhani lehenga, complemented by exquisite bridal jewelry, soft makeup, and an elegant hairstyle. Neil, on the other hand, looked dashing in a white dhoti and kurta, adorned with a red doshala. Their wedding photos exuded joy, love, and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The couple’s union symbolizes their commitment to each other and their shared journey ahead.

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